Carbide Saw Blades

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We have a wide variety of different Carbide Saw Blades suitable for a contrast of different uses.

Carbide Saw Blades

Carbide saw blades are the back bone to the manufacturing business and we are behind you, we can sharpen your blades to a better than factory finish, which in turn lets you concentrate on your work, not how well your blades work for you, let us take care of that for you. With our state of the art sharpening and grinding services there is no other place to go! Your blades become our focus.


In addition to having the best sharpening services we can also have a custom blade manufactured to your needs, and we also have access to thousands of stock saw-blades through our two main suppliers, FS-Tool and Royce//Ayr, two major heavy hitters in the cutting industry. We carry some stock in our shop for your convenience.

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Carbide Saw Blades

  • Non Ferrous Saw Blade
  • Metal Saw Blade
  • Melamine Saw Blade
  • Mitre Saw Blade
  • Panel Set
  • Cold Cut Blade